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To love and honor TERRY LEE HACHTEL JR
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This pages is in honor of the gettosmurf himself

See In one life time there are many people who will walk in and out of your life.. Some may have an affect on it some will not. In my life I have had the honor of having one of the most outgoing man alive come into mine. This man is TerryLee Hachtel Jr *AKA Gettosmurf* but I always called him my tigger, cause he was always bouncing from one place to another. He was a man who loved his mother, and his father, and his little brother who looked up to him.

The guy in this picture is Terry, his mother's little angel. Terry was TAKEN from this world unfair, and will be missed but never forgotten. He Signed up to die for his country, but in the end he died around his friends. His best Friend J, you would never find them apart, they were brothers till the end. J was there when he died, and everyone did all they could do to try to keep him alive... He left behind alot of people who love him deeply, terry was a guy who always had a friend somewhere near.

A tree in autumn; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Today is Dec. 21,2002
It is almost a year today our smurf was taking from us, a person who has been missed everyday since. Terry was a man who I cared about and cheerished, I still think about him and the things he was about and smile. To know he is in heaven doing all the things he wanted to do in life, I just hope he is smilin down on us... Terry was loved by many, and always will. I think of him when I see white eclipses cause that was his baby, I look at them then relize no matter how bad I want him to step out of it he wont... When I look at anything that has to do with tigger, I think about his bouncy personality. Terry could make anyone feel like they were on the top of the world. I'm just glad I got to be apart of that... Its just not the same without him, even though he's not that far... I will see him one day, and I hope he welcomes me with open arms... I dont think there has been one day that has past that I havent thought about my gettosmurf. I know that there wasent one thing I could have done though to change anything that had happened. I said what I needed to and left it at that... Everyone who reads this just remember who the real terry lee hachtel jr was...

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