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To love and honor TERRY LEE HACHTEL JR


After the club
The group
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Who ment the most to the Gettosmurf himself
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Who ment the most to the Gettosmurf himself

Friends and family

Terry* Gettosmurf*
Terry had so many friends, only one is lucky enough to have the friends he had made. Terry left a mark on everyone in this world. His brothers in heart were the guys that was always at his side. There was; James Janey, Kevin, Billy Poe, and Chris, Hess. His friends poe and chris were not here, at the time he past.They were off doing stuff for there jobs. They were almost brothers, all except the blood thing. In mind and heart they were brothers, and will always be that way. Terry had more *Girl* friends then most men meet, even though most were just friends. His best Girlfriends were Courtney, michelle, Kayola, jessica, Angel both of them, charlene, nicole, rachel, If I left anyone out I'm sorry. Terry was a great friend to everyone, he hated anyone being mad at him. Terry was a great guy all together. All he ever wanted to do is bounce around, He was one man you always wanted as a friend....